North Fulton United Girls Lacrosse

Join one of the
fastest-growing youth
sports in America!

NOFU is a lacrosse home for elementary and middle school girls in North Fulton with teams for all ability levels

Registration for
Fall 2024 lacrosse
for all age groups
is now open

What you Gain

Socialization: Team sports are an excellent way to teach social interaction and how to work with others. Lacrosse teaches teammates to set goals and accomplish those goals with the help of others, a vital real-world skill. Overcoming obstacles within a team is also a good way to develop lifelong friendships.

Coordination: One area where lacrosse players benefit is in the training of fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.  Combine catching a small ball in a cupped net with running, jumping and blocking, and you have a recipe for coordination that will benefit players for a lifetime.

Increased mental acuity: It takes discipline to play lacrosse, as the tactics and skill development needed take time and persistence to develop. Not only will players receive the benefits of mental discipline but also of regular exercise, which has been shown to improve mood and performance in school/work.

Endurance: Lacrosse combines the skills of basketball, soccer and hockey into a fast paced, high endurance test of strength and agility. With a playing area roughly the size of a football field there is a high demand for speed and strength.

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